Version 1.2 of Homebrew World Now, with Druids!

Version 1.2 of Homebrew World Now, with Druids!

Version 1.2 of Homebrew World Now, with Druids!

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Updates of Note:

* Druids!

* Formally added in the “Have What You Need” move an other moves related to Supplies (see here for explanations

* Reworded various Backgrounds to reference Have What You Need

* Reorganized the basic, violence, and optional moves. You spend most of the game with your character sheet “open” and having to flip to the back to see the Basic Moves was annoying.

Got questions or feedback? I’d love to hear them.

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15 thoughts on “Version 1.2 of Homebrew World Now, with Druids!”

  1. steven stewart thanks!

    I’m honestly interested in hearing about the stuff you don’t like, so if you’re willing to share, please do! (No promises that I’ll agree, but I’ll at least be civil!)

  2. I will read through and let you know. My first take is the fighter weapon. The original DW is a lot more open ended. Crafting your weapon and then naming it, informs a lot about the character and forces you to think, your weapons are awesome, but not enough room for improvisation. I will look through again tomorrow

  3. Very efficient changes. I love how you’ve streamlined a lot of the processes while keeping the essential dungeon world flavour the same. Awesome work, Jeremy Strandberg. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The way your doing XP is cool, I feel like that would add more interesting choices during gameplay. I’m not sold on advantage/disadvantage though..

  5. Jeremy T I’m not sure I’d do the same thing for XP (spend for +1 to a roll) in a long-term game, but it works well for one shots, for sure.

    The big advantages of advantage/disadvantage (in my mind) are:

    1) binary, not additive… you have it or you don’t, so you don’t end up with stacking situations where you get +1 from here, +1 from there, and suddenly you can’t fail.

    2) psychological… it feels more exciting! And if your dice are all the same color, or all different colors, you often can’t “tell” if the advantage/disadvantage affected the roll, so it feels like it did. Compare to a +1 modifier, which clearly only makes a difference on a 6 or a 9 (which ends up being only 1 in 4 rolls, at most).

    3) It’s a bigger modifier, but not a hugely bigger modifier. Also, if you forget about it until after you roll, it might still have effect (in many cases, though not all).

    4) Because of #2 #3, it makes moves that “grant advantage” feel less boring and more impactful than moves that grant a +1 forward/ongoing.

    5) It really does feel smoother in play.

    I recommend giving it a shot! (obviously)

  6. steven stewart re: the signature weapon, yeah I totally get where you’re coming from there. I find it a lot easier from for one-shot/cons/short term play to just give them a pick list and go. You don’t get as much crazy original stuff, sure, but you also avoid “trap” choices or poorly thought out combos.

    Not sure I’d do the same “premade” weapons for longer-term play, but I’m also not sure I’d make it the Fighter class’s core schtick, either.

  7. 1. Good call on aggregating all the primary moves into a single reference sheet. It seemed wasteful to have the notes section combined with a moves page as you’d need new ones for every game. This way they can be reused from game to game.

    2. Any thoughts on moving over to entirely d6?

    3. I’d love to see an editable class template for use in converting other playbooks from vanilla DW to Homebrew world.

    4. “Give Succor” feels just slightly too esoteric as a basic move name in a game designed for one-shots. Some players will know what it means, but I feel like I’ll end up having to explain it/have people google the word succor to make sure it’s not just made up.

  8. Peter J not much more than what’s on the tin. It’s valuable. You can use it as leverage, you can trade it to resupply, you can stash it away for fictional gain later.

    If it’s precious, it’s all that and then some. People might kill over it, you could set yourself up with a nice house or buy a ship or something.

    If it’s priceless, it’s gonna be serious MacGuffin material. The kind of thing that really drives stories and conflict and all that.

    I’ve got some half formed ideas about how these might come into play in a longer-run game, as part of some downtime moves/love-letters between adventures. But nothing fleshed out yet.

  9. That’s interesting. D&D has always been a game of coin counting, so transitioning to a system like AW’s barter is a pretty big change. But I like it. I wonder what could be done with this.

    I think I’m also coming around to Supply as an all-purpose resource, though I think I would up it to 3 uses instead of 2. Maybe different classes can have different “out of -” options?

  10. I did 3 uses the first time I ran it, and it felt like too much… in a 6 hour one-shot, they never felt any actual tension from their supplies being low. 2 is just about perfect for that short of a time frame.

    For a longer-term game, I’d agree that 3 is the right number.

  11. I was thinking that Supplies also double as rations, so you’d need a lot of them if you’re going to me taking a long journey to get there. But I see that the Venture Forth move renders that unnecessary.

    How about different classes get different amounts of Supplies, like in Rogue Warrior Sage? And what would you think of /shiny/ as another tier of loot, below valuable?

  12. They kind of do get different amounts of supplies, based on their inventory options. Most of the playbooks start with Supplies (2 uses) by default, with an option to have More Supplies (2 more uses). The “light” playbooks (Thief, Bard, Barbarian) don’t have Supplies by default but can pick them as a starting option.

    Also, many/most of the Background moves tinker with Supplies in a particular way.

    Certainly nothing wrong with having a shiny tag or something else that identifies a bauble or something. That’s pretty much what the “1” result on the Random Treasure Table is. Not sure if really needs a tag?

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