Ran FotF 2e this weekend at Pinecon.

Ran FotF 2e this weekend at Pinecon.

Ran FotF 2e this weekend at Pinecon. 3 players – one a regular player of indy RPGs, one who had played a few sessions of D and D before, and then her husband whose first ttRPG was the D&D 5e i had run earlier that day.

We went through chargen and then world building. The chargen directly informed the world, since one of the character’s random items was nautical charts – so they built a peninsula called the Hand and the keep on the Hand that was tasked with fighting off the Kraken people/cult.

Ultimately they set off, and then had an encounter with the Raven Queen – who they thought was their enemy, but then learned was actually the being preventing the Kraken from arising. Sadly, that was after they had “killed” her (actually banishing her back to her pocket dimension). She tasked them with a quest and gave them some boons. Would have been a great start to a campaign.

It was amazing session, and the players loved how much they were invested in the world after helping build it.

One thought – I might put the marketplace right after the chargen rules; or maybe after the spell names table. There is a part about going shopping, and the rest of the chargen stuff is right there – but the marketplace is further on after all the moves and world building.

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