Hey there!

Hey there!

Hey there! I have a question for you about the fights and the thief skill “underdog”. How do you handle bottlenecks? I consider it a 1v1 bottleneck fight to be a fair fight, no matter how many skaven line up. If they can not hit you from behind, you are in the minority but it’s not really a fight against many opponents simultaneously. Do you agree? If Adam Koebel could chip in, I would be super grateful.

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  1. The specific wording is “When you’re outnumbered, you have +1 armor.” And the name “Underdog” implies having things stacked against you.

    If a thief in my game was holding the breach against a swarm of skaven, they’re definitely outnumbered and it certainly seems like they’re meeting the spirit of the move to me. So, yeah… Take the +1 armor.

    Besides… if the skaven have a move like “scurry over or past an obstacle,” then a 7-9 to Hack and Slash (or even a 10+, where they expose themselves to attack) could still easily result in the Thief’s position getting overrun… and that’s way more of an issue than taking 1 more or 1 less damage.

  2. Even if you keep winning you are still fighting fresh opponent after fresh opponent, while you’re getting more and more tired. A bottleneck doesn’t remove all elements of numerical superiority.

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