11 thoughts on “I’ve seen people using hexagonal shaped cards for map creation. Does anyone know where to get these?”

  1. Wow. I want to order 10 of the smaller size, which has 70 cards and I’m in Mission Viejo, about 7 hours south of SF. There’s no way it should be that much. Anyway, I put in a call ticket, though I doubt it’ll do anything.

    Are the cards regular card stock? Or are they plastic coated, making them dry erasable? Because, if it’s the former, I’ll get fewer.

  2. Alejandro Duarte They seem plastic coated, though I haven’t used dry erase on them. Yeah that pricing makes no sense to me. If you send me your email on here or MeWe I’ll forward you my order.

    Also, I think it’s funny that you described Mission Viejo as being 7 hours south of SF… instead of “near LA” or something.

    I’m from Canoga Park, btw.

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