What gifts do the Satyr force upon people?

What gifts do the Satyr force upon people?

What gifts do the Satyr force upon people?

So, the newly escaped bride seeking adventure with The Druid bringing news of her dead uncle got what she wished for. First she was attacked by an Assassin Vine/Murder Willow, and when they camped to heal her wounds she suddenly became ware of a tune played on a flute, after rolling a -6.

As she listened to the tune, I took advantage of a golden oppourtunity and made her notice the hairy hand as they were skipping through the forest and another -6 meant the Druid found her sleeping in a stone circle in a forest clearing, with garments strewn about.

Now I asked the player what gift she might have accepted from the Satyrs, and got the answer we expectefrom knowing about the Satyrs in folklore and games, but I suggested that it could easily be something else. We made it so we have a hold to spend, and it must me double edged.

One thing we talked about is that it could be a blessing of the forest (she has circles of paint and ash on her whole body), and that it meant she wouldn’t be attacked by anything in the forest, but might offend the main religion – or maybe the Dwarves they are about to seek out.

Do anyone have some other suggestions?

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  1. Well, IIRC satyrs also hung out with Maenids. So a gift might be one free group of Maenids coming to the rescue. Except rescue might be the wrong term. Maybe “indiscriminate slaughter” instead of “rescue”. Maybe trade one “showing up when desired” for one “showing up when really really not desired.”

  2. Maybe she drank the golden drought of the satyrs, and every full moon she turns into a satyr. Or maybe she has gained the lust of the satyrs and every moon she feels the need to seek out “companshiop” with whoever she is with. Or maybe one of the Satyrs is actually the groom she escaped from. They have consummated the marriage, so she now is actually married in the eyes of the gods, and to a satyr no less.

  3. She is quick with child, a child who will grow and swell in her belly faster than any mortal child.

    While she is with child, she will be both mortal and fae: unharmed by anything but iron, yet still able to wield it; beloved by the forest and able to travel the fae paths, but still able to enter a church; able to both see through glamours and interact with them as if they were real.

    Should she survive the birth, the child will be marked by small horns, prodigious hair, and inhuman eyes. But it will be healthy, strong, quick-witted, grow quickly (toddling within a few weeks, speaking within a few months, coming of age within a few years). It will love its mother fiercely, but strain against all rules and conventions.

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