As requested, here is the second example situation analysed through the lens of #FantasyWorld’s mechanics.

As requested, here is the second example situation analysed through the lens of #FantasyWorld’s mechanics.

As requested, here is the second example situation analysed through the lens of #FantasyWorld’s mechanics.

Let me know in the poll and comments if you find this an interesting comparison, or if I should spend my time otherwise 😉

5 thoughts on “As requested, here is the second example situation analysed through the lens of #FantasyWorld’s mechanics.”

  1. Interesting results!

    The first time 13 users voted positively…

    Federico Totti

    Andrea Ungaro

    Giuseppe Maisano

    Adrian Thoen

    Angelo Pileggi

    Guillermo Moreno

    HommeBoy McJewerson

    Andrea Serafini

    josh savoie

    Konrad Gula

    Vinícius Vill

    +james winterbottom

    +justin price

    …and only 3 negatively.

    Mark Sieger

    +marco grosso

    Dion Kurczek

    This second time around (almost) completely different people voted XD

    Of them 7 are positive…

    simone biagini

    Spayce Goblin

    Julian Plaga

    Andrés Ruz Caza

    matthew katsura

    +james winterbottom

    Daniel SoilBuilder

    …and 11 are negative.

    Scott Mob

    Mark Tygart

    HommeBoy McJewerson

    Colin Spears

    Mike Pureka

    Michael Nutter

    Marcin Kapuciński

    Sherman Brennan

    Dion Kurczek

    +phil williams


    In the spirit of improving my understanding of games and how to talk about them, I would like for the negative voters to give me some feedback 🙂

    I’m curious to know if the topic is just not interesting to them, or if it actually feels irritating/negative for some reason. Either in content, or style.

    Especially HommeBoy, that has switched from positive to negative. It would love to know about what prompted this shift.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that will offer me some insight on their opinions and choices 🙂

  2. Personally, I’m interested in this project but it’s kinda hard to follow and value this examples and comparisons without a clear picture of the full structure of the basic moves: a “cheat sheet” of some kind that summarizes them.

    I completely understand if you don’t want to share something like that (you probably have good reasons), I’m just saying that, for me, this approach doesn’t work: Jeremy Strandberg’s examples are more interesting to me because I have a frame of reference for the groundwork of Stonetop’s design (basic moves, GM moves, playbooks, etc.)

    PS: I searched multiple times for something similar in you previous posts, but found nothing. If somehow I missed something, just let me know 🙂

  3. MisterTia86 this is actually very good feedback 😀

    Truth be told, it just did not occur to me to share some sort of cheat sheet XD

    Part of this was due to the G+ nature of the posts… G+ is pretty bad at handling structured content, and these posts are already very long.

    Also I thought I was explaining the relevant bits right into the post, but you are right, some sort of overview of the World Principles and Moves and also the Protagonist Moves could be useful to better understand the overall structure and approach.

    Would adding this kind of info to the 1st and 2nd analysis posts (or divulging a cheat sheet, or both) make want to read more such posts?

  4. Alessandro Piroddi I think that it comes down to how different your design is from standard DW and how easy is to grasp that degree of difference and apply it to the actual game: this is why, in my opinion, being able to read the Basic Moves, some GM stuff and the Playbooks is very important 🙂

  5. If people vote YES here I will see that the 3rd article sports more complete info about moves and World mechanics.

    In the meantime, here is a direct link to the current World Play Sheet containing a summary of:

    – first session procedures

    – essential Character Harm rules

    – essential Group Harm and Size rules

    – World Agenda, Principles and Moves

    – Threat Moves (still to be refined, but it’s what I’ve been using so far for playtesting)

    – all the Common Moves, meaning all the common Action, Info, Violence, Advenenturing and Special moves

    I hope this helps 😛 – Fantasy World – World Sheets – 2018-09-20

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