4 thoughts on “I have a thief who wants to be able to attack from the shadows at range.”

  1. In my games, attacking an unaware foe is either done, without a roll, unless they’re using the backstab move.

    Range is volley; the fact that they are unaware factors into it.

  2. Yochai Gal Actually, realized DW Unlimited’s thief move “Like a Ghost” would apply to this.

    Maybe a thief at range using “like a ghost” to remain silent and hidden automatically does max damage on 10+?

    BTW, DW Unlimited is absolutely fantastic!

  3. My reading of Volley is that it applies to any ranged attack, even if the target is unaware/not defending themselves. There’s no qualifier in the trigger like H&S’s “in melee” and there’s no discussion in the move that says “just deal damage.

    Also, Volley is a much more forgiving move than H&S. The 7-9 result might put you in danger, but the text and examples make it pretty clear that’s a soft GM move, as opposed to 7-9 result in H&S that exposes you to an attck (aka GM’s hard move, based on examples and discussion).

    This reading (ranged attack is always Volley, even vs unaware foe) makes the Ranger’s Called Shot pretty darn cool. They, and they alone, can just reliably deal damage at range vs unaware targets. And if they risk it, they can hobble them.

    It’s not gonna break your game if you let someone snipe by skipping the Volley and just having them deal damage, though. Just makes Called Shot a little less awesome.

    If the Thief wants to be a sniper, multiclass dabbler >> Called Shot is a solid option.

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