Roll20 and Dungeon World set-up help!

Roll20 and Dungeon World set-up help!

Roll20 and Dungeon World set-up help!

I am running a Dungeon World campaign for my kids, but don’t have a lot of miniatures or maps. I think what would be best is to use Roll20 and buy some good things from the marketplace.

I realize there are SO many assets on Roll20 and I’d like to ask for input from people who use Roll20 for DW regularly.

Here are some of my qualifiers:

1. I like the look of isometric dungeons and landscapes.

2. I want a variety of assets that can be used across a variety of campaigns settings.

Any “best of” recommendations!?!

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  1. Jeff Strong I did bought them and try setting them up in Roll20. Not hard to do (even if it could be a bit better).

    Basically, you import the images into your bank and then drag’n’drop them onto the main screen.

    I’m guessing It’s probably easier if deactivate “snap to grid”.

  2. Jeff Strong They are static. You can usually flip them horizontally to have a diffrent look but you can’t use a horizontal wall and make it into a vertical wall.

    That said, the bundle includes a selection of horizontal and vertical walls, plus set pieces (rocks, trees, altars, etc) and pre-made maps. The bundle also includes awesome “minis”.

    I can set a quick scene in a roll20 environement if you want to see how it looks like.

  3. Wow, seems great. Is there a ton of variety in the scenery and buildings and objects? I realize you have to buy different packs, but has enough content been created that you have a lot of creative freedom?

  4. The Epic Bundle is the best bang for your bucks (especially if you can grab it on a sale, which I did for 9.99 USD). It includes 568 files.

    329 elements of terrain such as trees, rocks, walls, fences, braziers, doors, pillars, houses, camps, ruins, staircases, room sections, cavern sections, mushrooms, etc.

    13 prebuilt maps (catacombs, cloud city, forest, grassland, caves, etc)

    88 heroes and monsters miniatures

    22 magic/special effects (fire, lightning, magic circle, etc)

    101 loot cards (which I’ll probably never use, but cool looking)

    11 trap cards (which I’ll also probably never use but looks cool)

    There’s few other “expansions” that adds more terrain pieces, pre-built maps, miniatures and stuff. I didn’t bought any of those, so I can’t speak about them.

    I think it’s a really good buy.

    Even if I end up never using them, for 10$ I’m still glad I bought it because it’s a really cool and niche product. If anything, it’s my way to encourage and say thanks to the designer!

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