Hey all!

Hey all!

Hey all!

Curious on what “Flavor” of fantasy you generally have in your DW games. While the DW rules and playbooks lightly suggest a classic DnD / LOTR fantasy setting, I’ve seen enough from the community to know that there are many that are more interested in different settings and tropes.

Are you classic High Fantasy in your games, or something else? Comment why you prefer your choice (and if Other, what your fantasy settings look like).

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  1. I’ve tended to make my fantasy games more and more apocalyptic and low fantasy over the years.

    My most recent attempt at DW (fell apart after two sessions) was high fantasy with very dark themes. A world where humans and dwarves were nearly extinct while elves, halflings, and a couple beast races were plentiful. The only humans left were either those who lived in the starting region’s giant elven city or who worshipped a human deity of magma and vengeance.

    We didn’t get to explore the world in play since the first session was primarily character and world creation and the second session had only two of the four players show up (the other two were no shows without notice and I’ve not heard from them since).

    It was a pretty cool world though.

  2. High fantasy tropes provide instant shorthand for players, especially new ones. However, I feel like I skew more Swords & Sorcery. Tonally, though, our campaigns always seem to skew toward this weird area of hilarious character interaction, juxtaposed with some truly gruesome stuff. I don’t know what you’d call that. “Army of Darkness-esque?”

  3. I’m worn out on “high” fantasy. I’m more into Swords & Sorcery style fantasy. Ancient or primeval settings. I like magic to be rare and dangerous to use. I’m also a fan of cyberpunk.

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