We’ve been using 1E monsters in the game we call “Advanced Freebooters”.

We’ve been using 1E monsters in the game we call “Advanced Freebooters”.

We’ve been using 1E monsters in the game we call “Advanced Freebooters”.

The extra HP that characters earn as they level up makes it feel fair and fun to give the monsters some number of d8 Hit Dice, plus damage rolls on multiple dice (count armor against each attack).

We’re also converting armor class to armor which gives some monsters a LOT of armor, but with high level FotF character levels, it’s really been working out.

It does make the game more crunchy, but crunch can be very near and dear to us old school gamers.

My vision is to create a new “Manual of Monsters” also detailing instinct and special moves for our 1E favorites.

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  1. Gerald Rose Instead of using the monster maker in PW, or the Dungeon World monster codex, we simply open the TSR Monster Manual.

    Here’s an example:


    Armor Class 5 = equivalent to chain = 2 Armor

    3+1 HD = roll 3d8 = 6+2+4 = 12 + 3 = 15 hp (for example)

    Damage = 2d4 or by weapon

    7 ft tall = Forceful!

    Special Qualities: Stealthy = -2 to “Stay Sharp” against Bugbears

    Special Moves:

    * Below ground: Snuff out their lights

    * Above ground: Drag them into the darkness a nearby hole

    * Throw a heavy weapon (range Near)

  2. Daniel Câmara I did this one with the canonical DW monsters (http://mysticworks.com/freebooters/downloads/Manual-of-Monsters.pdf) but I am talking about a near total re-write for FotF.

    Again, this stems from those high player HP, and also from the fact that high level characters can deal a lot more damage.

    So, of course, the other thing I toy with is NOT adding more HP as players level up.

    mysticworks.com – mysticworks.com/freebooters/downloads/Manual-of-Monsters.pdf

  3. Maezar just… Wow! It is amazing! Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely take a more in depth look and try to use it in my low level campaign lol. And what do you mean by not adding more HP, you mean that for monsters or for the player characters?

  4. In Freebooters, characters acquire more hit points as they level up, and the damage they deal increases to higher levels than in classic Dungeon World. I toyed with the idea of scaling this back for my game, but it just feels better to pump up the monsters instead.

  5. I’ve been toying with converting older modules to Freebooters. This method could probably save a lot of time, although the time consuming part is usually coming up with moves.

    Could this even work for 3rd edition monsters?

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