7 thoughts on “Free & Fun PtbA Podcast (Right now Monster-of-the -Week)”

  1. It’s a very good podcast, but not a PbtA podcast for the first 90 episodes or so (“Setup – The Adventure Zone: Amnesty” is the first episode using Monster of the Week, and the Dust arc after that uses Urban Shadows)

  2. Sadly with their MotW playthrough, it seems that the Keeper isn’t terribly interested in playing to find out what happens. Not the best example of PbtA.

  3. Cameron Burns It started life as a casual DnD podcast, and turned into a very cinematic, arc / story based affair, which is great. But that also means that it becomes much less “play to find out”. I think it is for the sake of the audience / listening experience. Playing to find out is very fun when you’re a player, but doesn’t make for great “performance”, if that makes sense.

  4. Mark Tygart Greg Soper I’m glad they’re giving PbtA a go and shining a light on our space, I just wish they were able to serve as a better example! The prep is likely a terrible necessity for the kind of show they’re running.

  5. I loved this show when it first started, then it turned into an absolute railroad. I tried to give the Monster of the Week series a listen, but couldn’t get past the first episode.

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