Hi there

Hi there

Hi there,

Considering the “Magnamund” setting (i.e. Lone Wolf universe) is pretty cool but the corresponding RPG is pretty bad IMHO, I’m contemplating using the DW rules in the Lone Wolf setting.

That would mean adapting the classes and monsters of Lone Wolf to DW. I wondered if anyone already did this? Any help much appreciated!

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  1. To be fair, the Lone Wolf protagonist could pretty much be any class, from what I remember. Just because they’re called rangers doesn’t mean they have the ranger class, you know?

    I should re-read the lone wolf CYOA books again.


  2. Rebel Wulf Lone Wolf himself is a “Kai Lord”, but there are many more classes in the game, actually:

    Border Ranger of the North 26

    Brother of the Crystal Star 32

    Dwarven Gunner of Bor 36

    Herbwarden of Bautar 42

    Ice Barbarian of Kalte 47

    Kloon Sage of Chaman 53

    Knight of the White Mountain 57

    Magician of Dessi 64

    Buccaneer of Shadaki 70

    Sommlending Knight of the Realm 76

    Telchoi Warrior 82

    Vakeros Warrior-Mage 88

    Noodnic Scavenger of Durenor 93

    Most correspond to existing classes, admittedly.

    Then there are a numerous monsters too, obviously.

  3. Pierre Miranda I don’t recall seeing anyone do that, and it’s definitely something that would have caught my interest.

    It’s an ambitious project! I think you should do it!

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