I’ve been solo testing Freebooters v2 for about two weeks now and filled 77 pages of Canson booklet.

I’ve been solo testing Freebooters v2 for about two weeks now and filled 77 pages of Canson booklet.

I’ve been solo testing Freebooters v2 for about two weeks now and filled 77 pages of Canson booklet.

My general feeling is that FotF v2 + Perilous Wilds works marvel together.

Here are some finer remarks:

• Making camp + Manage provisions is generally a quite risky endeavour even in peaceful regions. This can trigger a lot of fiction and some more moves.

• A good armour is the best investment e.v.e.r.

• Travelling requires a lot of +WIS moves (Make camp + Manage provisions + Stay sharp. This should be balanced a bit. (1)

• Find a buyer is not a fair move : 10+ hardly a win, 7-9 is a non-win scenario (2)

(1) My take on this :

• Make camp + WIS ;

• Manage provisions +INT (because careful planning and management),

• Stay sharp +CON (because the greater hardship is to stay awake after a long day trip >> resist, endure)

(2) Find a buyer

When you seek to convert valuable objects into coins, roll+size.

10+ : someone offers you 1d4+7 x 10 % of its value. Accept or Negociate.

7-9 : someone offers you 1d6+3 x 10 % of its value. Accept or reject.

6-: you draw unwanted attention on the object(s) and the Judge makes a move.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been solo testing Freebooters v2 for about two weeks now and filled 77 pages of Canson booklet.”

  1. So awesome! What we need is for our characters to run into each other, have a shared adventure and then keep on soloing.😊

    Raggalto has been using magic to mitigate some of he travelling moves, but then fails his magic rolls🙄

    I like your alternatives very much.

    Oh and that map? Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Nathan Roberts. Let’s say ‘your’ lies beyond the Haunted terraces. When Petri goes over there I’ll tell you and we’ll arrange something.

  3. Hi all! Long time no speak.

    Acritarche, here are some ways that my “Advanced” FotF game has evolved to deal with Manage Provisions/Make Camp. I’ll start out by saying that this is still a potentially deadly way to spend time in the wild. In fact, we have whole evenings where we do nothing but set out on a journey with high ambitions and then spend the entire night gaming out the results of a sticky camp session.

    1. Hiring/recruiting followers with the correct “-wise” allows you to add their quality to the rolls for these moves! Give that strong-arm a dash of flavor by making him an experienced cook. Need a Physicker? Find one who is also a seasoned camp steward. Recruit a watchdog!

    2. Hunter’s Rest (Page 37) is a killer move. You can access it by pursuing the “Hunter” compendium class, or add it, as I did, as an advanced move for the Ranger, a sub-class of the Fighter.

    3. When a DISCOVERY turns out to be a “Campsite”, it must be special to be so noted, right? Give it a rating from +1 to +3 and apply these bonuses when you manage provisions or make camp there.

    4. In the same way that one use of Spell Components grants +1 to Cast a Spell, and a Whetstone grants +1 forward to Fight, add items to your Marketplace that can grant +1 forward to Manage Provisions and Make Camp. These aren’t hard to imagine. Enforce “Uses” on these items unless they are very expensive.

    5. Remember these moves when you need to improvise magic items by targeting specific moves. Such items can easily be made more or less minor/major. (Example: “Salgarathio’s Stewpot of Savorous Seasoning” is a small kettle which can be used to prepare a meal for up to six people. Meals cooked in this container tend to be quite delicious, and anyone who uses the stewpot may spend from its reserve of points 1-for-1 to add +1 (minor: before/major:after the roll) to Manage Provisions. When discovered, the stewpot is charged with (minor: 1d4+1 major: 2d12) points. When it has zero points remaining, (minor: the pot cracks and becomes useless) (major: the pot must be re-charged by a suitably powerful wizard who also specializes in the culinary arts). While this is simply off the top of my head, it is based loosely on my system for random magic items in FotF/PW games.

    6. BONUS. We use a “Roll +TBD” system for manage provisions, which cycles through abilities instead of always landing on Wisdom (a “dump stat” for many classes.) Not only this move but MANY moves use this cycle.


    The world is literally in your hands. If something needs to be tweaked, tweak away!

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