7 thoughts on “Haven’t done this for awhile…”

  1. Gerard Snow Logan Howard may let me do a Sword breaker we are working on, I have a bit of writer’s block on that project…this was part of an attempt to try to clear it.

  2. David Burklin It just wasn’t part of the Marshall Miller Starter format, I think he wanted to leave it for the GM to adapt the starter with portents, etc. for his or her own Dungeon World.

  3. David Burklin The starter format intentionally leaves them out because a good practice is to build any fronts from the results of the first game. Often, the players will indicate directions of interest during the first session and the GM can build a front that suits them based on that.

  4. Logan Howard OK, That makes sense. I’m DM’ing my first Dungeon World campaign, starting this Wednesday. I have the big pack of starters from Tygart and have a few in mind that I want to use as opportunity presents. Thanks for all the hard works guys!

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