Brain Horror

Brain Horror

Brain Horror

Group, Stealthy, Terrifying

6 HP

0 armor

Brain feed/Shocking tentacles (d6, ignores armor, hand)

A victim of a Larva Mage’s worms will decay until its head detaches from its body. This is when a Brain Horror is born. The skin and bones wither away, leaving only a bulbous floating brain as the spinal nerves clump together to form dozens of rubbery tentacles that sends a paralysing electrical shock on touch. They usually try to paralyse their victim to then attach to their head and feed on their mind, stealing its thoughts and knowledge in the process, leaving behind a drooling husk of a body. While attached, any pain they endure is also felt by the victim. Since they don’t make any sounds and hover above the ground, they often take their victim by surprise.

Instinct: Feeds on thoughts and memories

■ Paralyse with a touch of its tentacles

■ Attach to its victim’s head and feed on its mind

■ Transfer pain to its attached victim

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