Larva Mage

Larva Mage

Larva Mage

Solitary, Magical, Planar, Terrifying, Amorphous

12 HP

1 armor

Visions that should not be (damage dice = attacked PC damage, ignores armor, near, close)

Larva Mages are spawns and servitors of Elder Gods. They are formed of thousands of small purple worm-like creatures and possess immense power imbued to them by their masters. The worms that gets separated from their collective conscious body usually burrow into the skin of their victim and slowly eat it from the inside. After some time, the head detaches from the body to become a Brain Horror while the rest of the body transforms into a giant Burrow Worm. Larva Mage manifest realities that are outside of mortals’ comprehension, which mortals name “Star Magic” for lack of better term. They can open tiny momentary black holes, change gravity, alter space-time, and other such weird effects.

Instinct: To summon forth an Elder God

■ Made of thousands of worms

■ Implant worms

■ Invoke incomprehensible “Star Magic”

22 thoughts on “Larva Mage”

  1. Victor Segell I like when stars align… but then it might not be due to fortunate randomness… but from a creature of Beyond manipulating our Fate! :O lol

  2. Jeremy Strandberg Nobodies are friggin awesome. Some much that I can’t make them justice otherwise than making them another monster. I just can’t borrow some of their concept and imbed them in the Larva Mage.

  3. I feel that something should happen when this things brings a PC to their last breath … maybe they won’t have to deal with the Reaper, but one of the Elder Gods instead? Or become secret hosts to the maggots?

  4. The updated concept is otherworldly and terrifying. I could build a whole adventure around one of these things. I think you’ve completed your quest Addramyr Palinor

  5. Well in my mind they don’t need it because of the move made out of a swarm. To me it means you can’t harm it with normal weapons at all. I’d say probably only area effect affects them because killing few of them doesn’t matter.

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