Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Hi guys! I need some advise on move design. I have an adventure of old school Ravenloft with a Grave Elemental (a summoned creature made up of grave soil, tombstones, corpses and the like). I got to make some moves for it. I came up with these:

– Burst from under their feet

– Spew lesser undead

What do you think? What other creepy moves would you use for a RL campaign?

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  1. Show the corpse of someone they know. (Bonus point if it is something they tried to save, or kill.)

    I suppose it would also have the SQ: made of earth, corpses, and necromancy.

  2. – Gather more corpses (to heal itself/grow)

    – Fling gravestone/coffin/statuary (hits multiple opponents)

    – Scream with chorus of the dead (disorient opponents)

  3. -Beg for death with a dozen rotting mouths

    -Show that it was once a living being

    Because horror isn’t just about spooky skeletons, its about making players confront their own mortality.

  4. The creepiest thing about graveyards for me are the ornaments. Dirty, faded mementoes hanging from sickly trees; these people are put in the ground and forgotten about, decorations becoming nothing more than trash. Describing something like that on the elemental would be creepy, like a dirty child’s doll with a moldy dress or a piece of wood with the word ‘Mom’ on it.

  5. – use coffin as a shield

    – spew forth gore and guts

    – issue swarm of maggots

    – cause a 6 foot hole to appear beneath a player character

  6. Something like:

    Gaze and terrifying cry/scream:

    The bones of living souls are detached from the bodies.

    The skeleton becomes part of your army of followers, while the soul is trapped in the grave, giving you strength.

    10+ The attack can hit 3 living souls

    7-9 The attack can hit 1 living soul

    6- Nothing happens.

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