Gear Adrift…

Gear Adrift…

Gear Adrift…

… is a gift! Or so the saying goes. You never had much to get by on but always managed to scrounge up something. When you spend an hour or so scavenging the surrounding area, Roll+INT.

On a 10+ you may pick from 1 Adventuring gear, 1d3 rations or 1d10 Coin (or a small object worth 1d10 Coin excluding rations or gear)

On a 7-9 If you picked gear it is of shoddy quality, suspect at best. If you picked rations, there is some debate to whether the item(s) are edible and if you picked Coin, it belonged to someone/thing who will eventually come looking for it.

4 thoughts on “Gear Adrift…”

  1. The coin downside on 7-9 is good, but the gear and rations options run into the problem of trying to apply specific drawbacks to an abstract supply represented by generic uses remaining.

    I think it works better if the gear or food must be defined or consumed immediately?

  2. I specifically designed it so none of the consequences were immediate. The GM would have time to think something.

    Also you can just throw it out and look again.

    It came from a modified move I gave to an NPC character who was adept at scavenging.

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