9 thoughts on “An example of how combat can work in DW with miniatures and tabletop terrain. In German.”

  1. Haven’t watched the video (don’t speak German).

    How many folks use maps/minis? I started GMing DW with nothing but the occasional location map scrawled on paper, but have since started using an erasable map

    (though that’s primarily a concession to my players that have come over from D&D/Pathfinder).

    For those of you who use “battle” maps and or minis, how do you use them, and do you find them effective? Given the abstraction of size, distance, etc. I’ve never felt the need to focus too much on details that would necessitate minis or terrain.

  2. Stephen Karnes it is absolutely not necessary to use miniatures or terrain. We do no measuring and kept distances abstract. We are trying different ways of playing and visualisation.

  3. Haven’t checked the video (don’t speck German), but I’ve been using miniatures and 3D terrain since day 1 playing DW.

    It’s really seamless. We don’t count distance, just use that to make a move (usually Defy Danger)

    For example, if you see that a character would need to cross a long distance through multiple enemies : Defy Danger : Dex. The character has to climb rocks to reach his destination : Defy Danger STR, etc.

    We eyeball ranges for weapons : if bases are touching, it’s Hand. More than half the board is Far.

    Using miniature and terrain is a great visual tool to know where each creature stands and helps a lot the narration for what could happen. It does sometime restricts the mind, for example if there is no chandelier to swing onto on the board, players might not think to use it.

  4. Andreas Büttenbender Yeah nevermind, I deleted my comment. It was a dumb request. In my mind it was a instructional video. Please, don’t try to summarize a let’s play, that’s just painful 😛

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