5 thoughts on “Working on something here… Maybe I’ll have news about this soon?”

  1. Matthew Everhart The idea is to mimic some kind of hyeroglyph since this is inspired by Egyptian Mythology (as a whole). But don’t worry, there’s nothing written there that you can’t read in plain and simple sans serif font. ^_^

  2. I personally prefer the ‘mark xp if you do what they want’ method of mind control. Perhaps 10+ mark xp if you do, on a 7-9 mark xp or take -1 ongoing if you resist?

    And the move as it stands is a bit too reactive, perhaps the move trigger could be “When you try to resist the tempting call of the statue, say what you do to ignore it and roll+wis”

    Apart from that I really like what you have, it seems super exciting and fun to play out. And there are so many blanks left to fill!

  3. Elliott Ambrosetti Good analysys. The move is not final yet, as I’m doing a second reading pass here, but I really like how everything is connected while giving enough blanks… The key behind all this is “Bronze Age setting for Dungeon World inspired by Egyptian Mythology”.

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