Here is a link to Dungeon World Basics 03.

Here is a link to Dungeon World Basics 03.

Here is a link to Dungeon World Basics 03. In this one, we cover the non-combat Basic Moves, such as Discern Realities, Defy Danger, Parley, and more!

If you are new to Dungeon World, know someone who is trying to get a handle on the game, or just need a refresher, this series is for you.

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2 thoughts on “Here is a link to Dungeon World Basics 03.”

  1. Well guys I think this podcasts are great but I’d like that they were gone deeper into the Discern Realities move. There are real issues about the proper way answer each questions that boggle GMs. The greatest problem being that player want to answer different questions than those from the list and STILL they are discerning realities, something as simple as “I check the bookshelf for a copy of the Master Spell Index” and that is a trigger for Discern Realities move and the player rolls a success but no question sounds anything like: Do I find what I am looking for?, and what about, “Who is really in charge here?” How are the players supposed to have access to such knowledge? How can you answer such a question in an honest manner and not reveal too much to the players?

    Bottom line is that you should make a whole show dedicated to Discern Realities alone so to give actual advise to players about the way DW works.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Oney Clavijo I can’t disagree in spirit, but I would suggest the numbered episodes are all about that deep dive into play. When we say “Basics” here, we mean that.

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