Hi guys, yesterday I ran my first hard encounter in a while. I am running an AD&D Campaign and all characters are 1st level. They ran into a Cyclopskin lair and as you may know that sure spells death for any 1st level characters. When I prepared the encounter I thought, this guy is gonna wack them good but then I noticed if the Cyclopskin just go and kill them the combat is going to be frustrating and boring so I designed my own Cyclopskin moves: – Cause a lot of wreck around, – Call his clan, – Do something really stupid.

Pcs: a human fighter, a human paladin, a halfling thief and a human cleric.

The fight went like this:

Round 0: Pcs find a stinky cave with heaps of copper coin and a small chest among the dirt. (The monster’s nest) The paladin detected evil and found none at the moment.

Round 1: Cyclops wrecks trees behind the pcs screaming “Thiefs shall be food for Kahagar” (I even named the guy, I am so DWish proud!) the trees fell on the sides squishing some fireflies that were cought in the wreck starting a fire on the trees near the cave. The Fighter jumped and slashed the monster with a bloody wound. The Paladin blocked the cyclopskin way towards the others and yelled at the thief and cleric to run to safety. The thief grabbed the chest and ran screaming “if I’m gonna die I’m gonna die rich!” followed by the cleric “this is all your fault”.

Round 2: The Cyclopskin grabbed one of the fallen trees now on fire to use as a club and smashed the ground making a terrible attack against all the pcs. Some saved others suffered minor damage from the rocks that were thrown in the air from the blow. The paladin decided to climb the giant to wrestle the tree off his huge grasp and did climb but was left hanging from the Cyclopskin club/tree on fire. The fighter set up at the ground to catch the paladin and yelled at the Cyclopskin “We don’t have your treasure the thief went the other way!” to this the creature answered by calling his clan for reinforcements. The Paladin fell from the monster and the fighter did a great job catching him. Meanwhile the priest wrestled the chest from the thief to get rid of it (and the creatures chasing it) he found a map in the chest.

Round 3: the Clan of Kahagar arrived very angry and clubbed him after understanding what he wanted, the Paladin (named Galahad) read the map and found a nearby underground pass were they could hide from the monsters if they decided to chase the party. The others ran after him to safety (?) underground at some place called Skullport (sounds cozy!)


I loved playing AD&D this way and all I do was think DW-wise. Thanks!

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  1. I’ve played many systems and am new to DW, but forever now I’ll have the list of basic moves and dungeon moves at my side in any game I play. The list is brilliant and simple and when I’m stuck I look to the moves.

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