7 thoughts on “Is it just me or is the price of murder/assassination waaaaaay too low?”

  1. Well, the PCs are often killing for less 😉 Also, I’d rarely let them buy their way out of trouble that way, I consider that a “how much was someone offered to kill you” or “how much would you expect to get paid” entry – both should be low 😉

  2. The default rule is 5 or 120 coins (presumably depending on the target?) I wrote a blog post on basing it on the target’s threat

  3. I always interpreted that as the starting price for an uncomplicated target. You want to discreetly rid yourself of the pesky farmer complaining how you seduced his son? 120 coins.

    You want to kill the king? For 120 coin you find a bragging yokel who claims he can do it. Next morning you find his head on a spikein the city wall and the Kings guard searching eagerly for his employers.

  4. It’s a subtle way of providing a setting/theme: a life is very cheap; a few coins are enough to have someone shived in a back alley.

    (Another reason I never understood the notion, that DW should have a lighthearted, cartoonish style …)

  5. I see this playing out either of two ways:

    1) PCs hire someone to do this for them at a discount and learn the hard way that you get what you pay for (and/or if you want something done right, do it yourself).

    2) PCs realize that there are easier ways to make money than being murderhobos, go on grand adventures.

  6. Well, I”m probably going to take Asbjørn H Flø’s post in mind for sure (but I still like my–much finickier–method for if the players encounter a legitimate assassin’s guild that functions in the open and isn’t antagonistic toward them). But I don’t quite like Life is Cheap, and I think that if there was an assassin’s guild they’d have a means of evaluating what each Mark was worth, so life is… cheap-ish: steelsmiter.blogspot.com – On Killing (Not by David Grossman)

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