2 thoughts on “Are DW monsters cross compatible with FotF? Is that what people use, DW monster stats or is the math different?”

  1. They are somewhat compatible, but HP and damage scale a bit differently. If you follow the Beasts & Booty guidelines here:

    dropbox.com – FotF2e – Beasts & Booty.pdf

    and apply them to any given DW creature, you’ll end up with slightly different results.

    For instance, a DW orc is horde, organized, 3hp, 1 armor, 1d6+2 damage, whereas a FotF orc would be horde, organized, 4hp, 1 armor 1d6 damage (or by weapon type); the DW ogre is group, large, 10hp, 0 armor, 1d8+4 damage, whereas the FotF ogre would be group, large, 12hp, 0 armor, 1d8 damage (or by weapon type).

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