I’m converting a weapon from 13th Age to Dungeon World and I’m not sure what is considered the best practice.

I’m converting a weapon from 13th Age to Dungeon World and I’m not sure what is considered the best practice.

I’m converting a weapon from 13th Age to Dungeon World and I’m not sure what is considered the best practice.

Here is the line: “once per level, on a critical hit, it can make an attack against anything—a shadow, a spell, an emotional bond, someone’s fate, someone’s death. The thing you target has to be within sword’s reach.”

Which I think is awesome, but I don’t know how to translate the once per level on a critical hit part.

One alternate is: when you hack and slash, on a 13+ hold 1. You can spend the hold to target anything [edit: the next time] you hack and slash. But I’m not sure if that’s correct. Thoughts?

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  1. I really like the idea, but I’m having a hard time thinking about it in terms of the fiction. The problem I’m having is that they wade into combat, swinging at a specific foe (or foes) and then, because they rolled well, get to change their target.

    I’d go along the lines of a new move that gives a really hard choice to the player if it’s not an outright success. Maybe something along the lines of (warning, more thought is needed):

    Once per session, when you call upon the power of the astral silver sword and strike, name a target within reach (such as a shadow, a spell, an emotional bond, someone’s fate, someone’s death, etc.) and roll +STR. On a 10+, your strike is true. On a 7-9, you can make the strike, but something of your own will get cut, too: the GM will tell you what.

    Severing someone’s fate could also, then, sever the characters’ own fate. Though, I’m not sure exactly how an “emotional bond” could be within reach…

  2. Matthew DeKrey That sounds SO much better. I’m new to DW so I kinda know what things should sound like but don’t have the language myself.

    In any case, so it’s not just a variant on the hack & slash move, you’d write an entirely new move for it? And you’re allowed to say once per session?

  3. Off the top of my head:

    When you use [swordname] to attack something intangible, roll +Str. On a hit that thing is wounded, for whatever that means. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-8 choose one:

    * You don’t suffer commensurate harm.

    * Someone you love doesn’t suffer commensurate harm.

    * You cut only what you intended to cut.

    My reasoning is that rather than limit powers to arbitrary milestones, I prefer to give players massive power then link it to terrible prices — but that’s very much a ‘me’ thing.

  4. Chris Longhurst No that totally makes sense too! And the wielder of this sword is a barbarian with an appetite for pure destruction, so those are some excellent costs!

  5. You could also use the Barbarian’s Smash power as a template.

    When you roll 12+ to Hack & Slash with the silver sword, you deal your damage, avoid your enemy’s attack, and name something intangible about them: a drive, a love, a passion, a fate, their shadow, etc.. It is severed and lost to them forever.

  6. Okay, I don’t know of any best practices to speak of, but here are my thoughts.

    Take what you think is awesome, and leave the stuff that doesn’t fit or make sense.

    If you are concerned about balance don’t make magic items that do simple boring stuff like, +damage or extra attacks etc. Make things that do weird stuff, things that probably were not meant for combat, but maybe if you’re creative could possibly work it in.

    Okay, that all being said, I would be careful of that trigger. Any weapon you give is probably going to be used by someone with a high strength, +2 min, but probably +3. This means that the 13+ will likely come quite often, especially considering other bonuses, like help,+1 forward, etc. This rate is probably higher then the crit rate of the original item, but maybe not.

    Maybe something like, “When you focus and spend a beat channeling your will into the sword, name your target and roll +cha (I like charisma over wisdom like your trying to convince a sentient force to go along with you). On a hit the sword turns translucent and glows (ask what color and what that means) and the next strike will move through the physical to something otherwise intangible. On a 10+, the blade pulls you towards the target, take +1 forward when acting against the named target. On a miss, the blade may or may not activate, but be prepared for the worst.”

    I like the trigger of needing a moment to activate, this means you can’t always do this, and gives someone else the opportunity to defend the wielder, and can add some tension.

  7. An advanced move from the barbarian playbook could have the mechanics you’re looking for. Can’t recall the name right now…

    Trigger on 12+ and describe effects.

  8. This one!


    When you Hack & Slash, on a 12+ deal

    your damage and choose something physical your target has (a weapon, their position, a limb): they lose it.

  9. If you go with a “swing at something intangible” move like those suggested by Matthew DeKrey or Chris Longhurst, I would definitely change it to “roll+nothing”.

  10. Matthew DeKrey “Once per level” rather than “once per session” is closer to the original.

    An emotional bond would have to be within emotional reach ie you can’t sever that goblin’s devotion to her sorceress mistress because you aren’t emotionally involved, but you can sever the barkeep’s hatred of the local witch you’ve fallen in love with her.

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