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  1. You spend hold if you use one of the ability that the gm gives you when you transform. So if the move is “fly dribbling obstacles” you can spend an hold and just do it! If you want to simply fly you should defy danger for dribbling arrows

  2. If you transform into an eagle, you’d get moves like… I dunno, “divebomb prey”, and “swoop in with talons”, or “snatch it up”.

    You can spend the hold to do those things, no questions asked. If you divebomb something small, it’d be damage as established.

    But anything outside those moves, you roll for like normal. Fleeing through a hail of arrows? Defy Danger. Attacking some dude’s face? Hack and Slash.

  3. Depending on the move I give players, I either let them just do it or write it more like an advanced move from a playbook. Either way, I only have them spend hold if it’s the special move.

    However, I will use up their resources to expend a hold or offer a hard choice to ante one of their hold when the need arises!

  4. In addition to what Aaron Griffin said, you could also (in his example) say “I swoop in snatch the necklace before the bad guy gets it!” and when the GM says “okay, spend 1 hold” you could be like “nah, can I just Defy Danger with DEX for it?” (Maybe it’s your last hold, and you want to get out of there before reverting to your natural form.)

    You can spend hold do the move without a roll, but you don’t have to spend the hold every time you do the thing described by the move.

  5. Robert Finamore That FAQ is great, I hadn’t seen that before. To be honest, I typically leave the Druid out so I don’t have to deal with it. That and the Immolator…

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