Hunting for ideas to finish up a move for #AdvancedDungeonWorldNext2 #ADWN2

Hunting for ideas to finish up a move for #AdvancedDungeonWorldNext2 #ADWN2

Hunting for ideas to finish up a move for #AdvancedDungeonWorldNext2 #ADWN2

(the name is just a joking placeholder for the project ^_^)

End of Session

bla bla bla stuff upkeep bla bla bla


Finally have the group look back at the game session just concluded. For each YES everyone earns 1XP.

– Can you recount one memorable moment for each character?

– Is the world different because of your latest actions?


I need help figuring out a 3rd thing to guide Protagonists’ behavior 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hunting for ideas to finish up a move for #AdvancedDungeonWorldNext2 #ADWN2”

  1. This is why I ask for external help… because now the solution seems so effing obvious, it’s almost embarrassing XD

    But if anyone gets weird/different ideas, please do post them! 🙂

  2. I do something similar with the end of session move. I generally use the move as is, (although I like what you did with it Alessandro Piroddi), but I usually add one or two things to the list of questions that are temorary and “mission based”. Like: “Did we save the princess?” “Did we take down the evil sorceror?” Things like that. And some of those things might be worth 2 xp. It usually paces out so that the group makes one of theese every other session, and some might take a long time to acomplish. I haven’t had any that the group haven’t shown any interest in so far, but if that would occur, I/we would scrap it and come up with a new question that took us in another direction I think.

  3. If you’re already doing something with the Personal/Fellowship drives, try something about interpersonal relationships.

    For Stonetop, I use “Give an example of how your opinion of or relationship with someone has changed. If everyone agrees, Mark XP.”

    Maybe you could make that something that applies to the whole group?

  4. I do that as part of my Make Camp move 🙂

    Protagonists can talk to one another about stuff from a “loaded” list.

    XPs then come from the normal game procedures (Keys) but the move itself creates space and opportunity for the Players to actually bond (aka: chat about their characters’ hopes, fears, past, etc)

    PS: Jeremy Strandberg I took great inspiration from Stonetop’s travel moves. I have not followed the recent developments, but one of your earlier versions really sparked ideas in my head.

    I also love your not-nomadic approach, revolving around a village and its fate. Even though it’s not how I went for #ADWN2 🙂

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