One shot idea for playtest:

One shot idea for playtest:

One shot idea for playtest:

I bounced around some ideas for a one shot of Freebooters 2 with my DW players. In the DW campaign, they’re approaching the long lost volcano stronghold of the dwarves. The player proposed that they played characters that were fated to die, and then the regular characters would find their skeletons.

Freebooters seems like a good fit: low hit points and less powers out of the gate. Plus, I’ve never actually managed to kill a PC in 15 years of DMing. This might be my first chance! 🧐

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  1. Just looking at the numbers generated by both monster creation algorithms, they’d be similar but not identical.

    Here are some examples I just made up:

    An orc bloodwarrior in DW: 3 HP, 0 armor, 1d6+2 damage (1 piercing, messy)

    An orc bloodwarrior in FotF: 5 HP, 0 armor, 1d6+2 damage (messy)

    A large, group, griffon in DW: 10 HP, 0 armor, d8+3 damage

    A large, group, griffon in FotF: 15 HP, 0 armor, d8+1 damage (messy)

    A small, horde kobold in DW: 3 HP, 1 armor, d6 damage (though I’d argue that should be d4 + devious)

    A small, horde kobold in FotF: 2 HP, 1 armor, d3 damage

    So it looks to me like damage output ends up similar but HP tend to be more exaggerated (in both directions) in FotF.

    Looking at the algorithms, DW seems to base HP and damage output on the monster’s role-in-the-story (e.g. a solitary monster pretty much always has a bunch more HP/does more damage, and size is an afterthought), whereas FotF seems to put more emphasis on Size (with No Appearing as more of a modifier).

  2. Interesting. I didn’t actually ask about the monster stats, but I did wonder about it! Based on those examples, I would be comfortable just using the same stats for both versions.

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