22 thoughts on “Anyone have a good “Play Dungeon World Here” kind of poster? I’m looking for ideas/samples.”

  1. I wonder if Nate Marcel would mind if you made one using the Wizards Study image from #DungeonWorld? The image he shared of the fantasy hot air balloon in Dungeon World is also a cool candidate.

  2. Nate Marcel Duh. Sorry. I’m thick headed. And yes you are both insanely talented. If I may say, Nate, your massively detailed DW pieces are some of my favorite illustrations since the AD&D 1e. That may not sound like flattery since those old drawings could be a little crude, but what I see in common is the way they do narrative. I could easily design at least one whole adventure for a group just by riffing off scenes from your cover. The color and composition are mind blowing too. Amazing stuff!

  3. Ray Otus Thanks! I wish I knew more of what people needed, I feel like I’m usually just entertaining myself with the big pictures but it’s nice to know that people might find them useful in some way!

  4. Nate Marcel I love them! They are so evocative. I combined the atmosphere from your cover wrap-around on the DW screen with the content from Ray Otus’ #Plundergrounds to run my son’s friends through Kazarak.

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