Dw Tavern

Dw Tavern

Dw Tavern,

This is the first of three custom moves I have created for a new campaign front I am running. I would appreciate your thoughts. (Dennis, don’t read this 🙂 ). Thanks in advance.

New Move – Mechanical Trap

When you open a trapped sun aspect ark without looking for and/or finding and disarming a trap first, roll+DEX. On a 10+, you avoid the trap’s effect. On a 7 – 9, you avoid some of the trap’s effect; choose 1. On a miss, the GM chooses 2.

1) Take 12 damage, ignoring armor, of a type relevant to the sun aspect ark you opened:

o Hi-Ding: Sticky acid covers you and destroys all consumable items and 1 non-consumable item;

o Sey-Ting: Cold frost sprays and numbs you, and for 1 hour then next miss you roll with a weapon destroys that weapon;

o Noc-Turne: Poison darts pepper you, and your party members (6 damage) within close distance, ignoring armor;

o Scal-Ding: A jet of fire sprays you, and all non-metal items are destroyed;

o Ris-Ing: A floor column rises you into the air smashing you against the ceiling, and all metal items are destroyed.

2) A deafening gong alarm sounds throughout the temple alerting any and all to your presence, and you and all your party members go deaf for 6 hours. All spell casting and verbal communication is impossible for 6 hours.

3) Alter your alignment according to the sun aspect ark you opened (no effect if already the same alignment, but still form the bond).

o Hi-Ding: Neutral, and immediately form an adverse bond with one of your items

o Sey-Ting: Lawful, and immediately form an adverse bond with a chaotic PC

o Noc-Turne: Evil, and immediately form an adverse bond with a good PC

o Scal-Ding: Chaotic, and immediately form an adverse bond with a lawful PC

o Ris-Ing: Good, and immediately form an adverse bond with an evil PC

2 thoughts on “Dw Tavern”

  1. I dig your moves. I typically dont like moves to punish Magic users this much. Would you ever have a condition that says ‘an alarm goes off and now combat PC’s cant attack any more?’ Probably not. Or would you have a combat PC’s attacks only deal d4 after a failed roll for 6 hours? What good or fun will nerfing a magic user result in?

    It may be more fun to fictionally lean more on the deafness effect, as in, a magic user can throw a fireball, but the others couldnt hear the incantation and waltzed right into the killzone, etc.

  2. I get your point about complete nerfing. Maybe a -1 ongoing for spell casting to reflect the increased difficulty in forming the proper sounds. Negating all verbal comms I feel would still be appropriate. I definitely appreciate the feedback. Move is still in the creation phase.

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