PLAY TO FIND OUT (the Dungeon World discord server’s very own podcast), has coalesced in the real, and is coming to a pod-service near you.

It’s got sick features and segments like:

-recent game highlights from the tables of real GMs

-a GM academy segment with specific advice on how to squeeze the juicy drops of RP goodness out of Dungeon World

-meta commentary on discussions going on around the wider DW and RPG community

-the famous “picture this” segment to make your games super zesty

-insightful answers to listener questions! (Srsly, pls send us some)

Play now to find out what everyone’s talking about because it’s Play To Find Out, and you really gotta just play to fin—

OK, ArtProjects is gonna kill me, so I’ll just post the link:


(web player may not be up yet, but you can copy the rss link into your podcast listener of choice)

You can also listen through Pocket Casts (Voidlight’s personal recommendation).


Coming soon to iTunes, Google Play Music, and wherever you want as well!


Oh! And don’t forget to hit us up with your questions, suggestions, and nice (or at least interesting) words at:

[email protected]


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