Hello! The Gauntlet has recently launched a brand-new Dungeon World actual play podcast called We Hunt the Keepers! The first adventure in the campaign is called Song of the Milk-White Putrescence. You can check out the first six episodes at the link below, plus a special Episode 00 that gives an overview of the series.

Shout-out to Fraser Simons, who produces this podcast. And shout-out to the other players: Lowell Francis David LaFreniere (my co-host on Discern Realities) and Gerrit Reininghaus.

Enjoy! And please re-share!


7 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Legendary campaign. Being through with the first six episodes now it is really interesting to see again how much naive responses to events in the world has impacted the long term story. And this is not a GM master plan kind of thing but a truly emergent story from everybody at the table. Nevertheless, it needs a GM capable of moderating this process in the background.

    It is also interesting for me how the tone was so different in these first episodes, more lighthearted. Looking backwards that is totally the typical beginning of a grand epic journey which is just about to start in Hobbit land to end in Mordor.

  2. Jason Cordova Fraser Simons So glad you guys are doing this! I’ve watched all of the APs on youtube and i’m stoked to go back through it all again as an edited podcast. Highly recommend to all!

  3. Excellent podcast!!! Not only is it highly entertaining but very informative but as a still relatively new DW GM I am learning so much.

    Jason Cordova would you consider taking one of the episodes and doing like a “bonus DVD”-style commentary? It would be helpful to know how you came up with different responses at the time. I can’t tell how much you prepared ahead of time. I’d love to know your thought process when making this move or that. You make it sound so easy! It helps of course that every player is so creative and goes all in to make their character alive. But man, it just seems so effortless.

    One last question: was the person playing the Psion Archon using an actual playbook? At times his character seems to just have abilities come out of nowhere. I don’t think it’s six or seven episodes in that suddenly it’s like “OK he can now predict the future too?”

  4. Hi Anthony Dunn, I played Arcon and indeed Arcon is based on the Psion playbook. The Psion playbook has some nice visionary elements in it. The Psion can gather Hold through sort of a meditation in downtime and then use it to activate his supernatural senses. For example, that lets him use Discern Realities through these senses which brings kind of a visionary thing into how the information looks like. Since he believes in a world where everything is keeping a spirit of some colour and concept in it (like the Brown Creature of Disobedience or the Alabaster Creature of Sassiness) this is how supernatural discoveries are explained by him. That doesn’t mean at all that any of these creatures exist but is more of a naturalistic religion.

    He can’t see the future. That doesn’t stop the character Arcon though to personally believe that he sees the future. Often Arcon “sees” things which are utter nonsense, but too often events turn into a direction which make it seem (to him) that he was totally right.

  5. Gerrit Reininghaus Thanks for the explanation. Thanks as well for creating such a memorable character.

    Do you know where I could get a copy of the Psion playbook?

    Sorry again for the newbie question. I’m really enjoying discovering DW. But I definitely have a lot more to learn.

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