BEASTS & BOOTY revised

BEASTS & BOOTY revised

BEASTS & BOOTY revised

Now that I have a bit more time in my schedule, I’m digging back into Stonetop and Freebooters 2e. The previous Beasts & Booty rules were a well-intentioned mess, but I think the new version I’ve just uploaded is an improvement.

These two “chapters” are the core of the B&B volume. They will be supplemented with more thorough rules explanations and a bestiary and treasure list intended to demonstrate what can be created using the various tables.

Feedback welcome!

3 thoughts on “BEASTS & BOOTY revised”

  1. What a coincidence! Riding on the bus I thought to myself, “I haven’t checked in on Jason in a while. Ended up finding this 14 minutes after you posted it!

    Section 2 makes a lot more sense from both a design and a reader’s perspective.

    Moving the Details charts to the end makes sense to me; best to present the basics first.

    It seems like the same comments about Section 2 can be applied to the Booty rolls, but I’ll have to crunch those numbers when I’m not getting my ass kicked by The Cold From Hell. Inherent Booty is hardly a unique idea, but the timing of it makes me wonder if you’ve been playing the new Monster Hunter game. 😛

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