Solitary, Devious

None (Malices: 1d4d each) 16 HP, 0 Armor

Far (Malices)

Special Qualities: Undead, Incorporeal

A Gray Philosopher is the undead spirit of an evil cleric who died with some important philosophical deliberation yet unresolved in his or her mind. In its undead state, this creature does nothing but ponder these weighty matters. The gray philosopher appears as a seated, smoke-colored, insubstantial figure swathed in robes. It always seems deep in thought. Flying through the air surrounding the philosopher are a number (1d8) of tiny, luminous, wispy creatures known as Malices. They have vaguely human faces, gaping maws, and spindly, clawed hands. These vindictive creatures are actually the philosopher’s evil thoughts, which have taken on substance and a will of their own. The Gray Philosopher cannot be turned by a cleric but has no attack of its own; it will not defend itself. Unlike the philosopher, Malices constantly search for victims on which to vent their petty but eternal spite. Malices do not stray more than 120 feet from their philosopher but may pass through the narrowest of openings in their ceaseless flight. A malice immune to being turned and may not be damaged while its creator exists. However, all these creatures vanish instantly if their philosopher is destroyed. When a Gray Philosopher falls to 0hp, it looks up with an expression of malicious enlightenment on its face, and then vanishes with a lingering shriek of evil delight.

Instinct: Creates Malices

• Ponders

• Generates 1d8 Malices

• Only damaged by magic or enchanted weapons

• Will also dissolve if presented with solution to problem

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