6 thoughts on “I have palyed dnd5, and i do not know why they compare it to dungeon world.”

  1. Apples and oranges, only the apples were genetically engineered to remind you about some of the things you loved about oranges back before they were like the oranges of today.

  2. Nicely put. I tried to do something cool, like rolling diagonally to avoid an enemy stabbing me, and the GM told me: “no, you cannot move from the square you are in. And no, you cannot disarm.”

    “So basically i just roll and say i blocked the attack with the shield, is that right?”

  3. If you have a spectrum with DW on one end and DnD4e on the other, then you can say 5e took some steps back in the DW direction. They are still worlds apart but those who played 4e and like DW saw a bit more they liked in 5e. I agree that DW is much better for a home group. DnD scratches the itch of convention gaming for me, more rails and rules make a more consistent experience DM to DM and convention to convention.

  4. No, not at all. I heard some people telling that d&d 5 is like dw in design philosophy, that they are both narrative style games.

    After trying 5e, I was like: bitch, please.

  5. I’d say d&d 5e is inspired by old-school d&d, and that DW also is. So I guess they have that in common but that ends there. They have some similarities but they play a lot differently.

    5e is still a very mechanical system and none of the rules gives you impression that the game tries to be more narrative although it takes a less strict approach than 3e and 4e.

    DW emphasizes on learning as you play (vs d&d that has a very prep intensive approach) and giving lot of narrative freedom to both gm but also players.

    D&D 5e is still implying that the GM knows and decides everything about the world whereas DW lets the GM also be surprised and excited to discover the world.

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