13 thoughts on “Is it possible (and how) to have two GM (or DM, or MC, etc.) to direct a game?”

  1. It is totally possible. The two GMs need to be on the same page, and should probably have similar styles. If the GMs are too different, it could cause problems, I suppose.

  2. I’m usually the GM but when I do get to play I also help out the GM who is still in traditional gaming mode and gets intimidated by the amount of freedom and openess that DW has. As long as both GM want to work together it’s not a problem.

  3. There are some guidelines for multitable playing in The Last Days of Anglekite (Magpie Games); they play the same adventure, in different parts of the game world, and then synch (exchange notes) at the end of the session. Every GM must “own” some part of the fronts and such.

  4. Ah, and if you mean a GM for even days, and one for the odds, yes, it’s totally possible, and we did it! Each one GM of us seized a front or two after the first session. Of course, it’s a lot easier if the non-GM of the day is a player too.

  5. It seems more useful in traditional games where there may be a distinction between major parts of the game (like role playing vs. combat-boardgame mode). It seems a bit distracting in a game which is already about shared narrative and playing-to-find-out with the players… but I’m open to hearing how someone has made it work.

  6. Benjamin Kramer Exactly, I found articles for co-GMing for D&D, but it doesn’t apply well to DW. I’m looking (for myself) to shore up my weakness for the interaction part (I’m good for the mechanical, world and come part). But I don’t see a way for DW.

  7. In regards for you to “shore up” the weaknesses, I don’t know that co-GM-ing is the way to go with DW, per se. It seems like getting constructive feedback either by having someone with GM experience playing in your game, or playing in others’ games, or viewing/listening to Actual Play recordings online or podcasts, would all be efficient ways to learn.

    As you say yourself, co-GMing may apply for D&D, but it doesn’t to me apply well to DW. I’d highly recommend short-form actual plays like those put out by The Gauntlet RPG community, either in Pocket Sized Play, or the small APs at the end of the Discern Realities podcast.

  8. we have played where everyone at the table GM’s for the people to the right of them as required, and alternate ever so often to determine direction of story.

    works fine.

  9. Chris S Oh, now that sounds very interesting, and a lot more like some GM-less games out there (Microscope, The Quiet Year, Fall of Magic, postworldgames), or games that play with the GM framework (such as Serpent’s Tooth). I could easily get behind that!

  10. yeah we tend to have people run with the story for awhile, and if someone triggers a move their GM says what happens it works good, we got the idea for it basically from GM-less Monsterhearts which you should be able to find with a google search.

    Typically someone will get pretty inspired and will tend to run with it, at which point a lot of us will let them… cause we get to play more.

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