9 thoughts on “I’m writing a Jounin class, from Naruto. Any suggestion for a jutsu I should not miss?”

  1. Honestly to me you might be approaching this the wrong way. The archetypes are not the ranks, but rather the specific focus of a ninja or another in a technique or group of techniques. The ranks are more status than power. A shadow user, or Taijutsu master might be a better approach. What made the characters memorable were their different focuses and how they clashed against each other.

  2. Thats true, but i will write just this one class, not the whole set, for a friend of mine.

    Your idea is great tough, and if i did more than one class i would totally go that way.

  3. Nature jutsu, make a pact with an animal.

    Background/race options could include the families and their blood powers. Or house a tailed beast.

    Ninjutsu is a must for all ninjas (weapons like stars or sword).

  4. So I wrote a class based on the Nara Clan (so shadow control and strategy making).

    The thing is in Italian. If anyone is willing to do some playtesting, i may translate it for You guys.

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