Has anyone played 13th Age?

Has anyone played 13th Age?

Has anyone played 13th Age? I’m thinking of doing my next DW game set in the 13th age world. Wondering your thoughts on the Icon system and replicating that concept into DW.

My first thought was to replace alignments with the icons. Choose one or two icons and one agenda from the icon and treat it as the alignment move. Open to other ideas, though.

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  1. Brennan, I expressed my opinion on the Icons as well, if you read further. I don’t think you need to trade one for another, I think you can deliver them through fiction and maybe Bonds.

    Don’t read the first few words only, man.

  2. So, you could bring the icons across as is, and just used the 13th age mechanics (since they’re functionally just play prompts) but if you would like to integrate them more fully I’d probably take a two pronged approach.

    First, I’d explicitly make the fronts. I think that would go a long way to tying them into the game in the right kind of way.

    Second, I’d do moves, but that’s tricky. Easiest model is to make an “invoke an icon” move where you roll +relationship and on. 10+ get some participation, on a 7-9 it comes with a price and maybe on. 6- you put as them off, but I think that misses the mark. Specifically, it misses that icon relationships can be positive, negative or mixed, which is a great thing.

    One possibility is to make pos/neg/mixed into 3 moves and make them a session kickoff roll. Could even customize the move for each icon. That would work.

    But it’s a lot of work. If you’re comfortable pulling in non-standard rolls, I’d combine fronts with the 13th age relationship rolls as written, and take those rolls as explicit calls to advance that front.

  3. (Addendum: the Icon structure is more robust than the specific icons, so feel free to retune or replace them. I’m currently running 13th Age for my kid, and we’ve completely swapped out the icons and setting, but the model holds up)

  4. The “one unique thing” is easily ported to DW and is great. As for the Icons, I think you could replace Bonds to your party with Bonds to the Icons, and keep them almost as is, with some specifics about what happens at various levels

  5. As I think about it, they could be bonds and fronts, which may seem counterintuitive, but the point of the icon model is that it makes the setting personal.

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