Asking for Submissions!

Asking for Submissions!

Asking for Submissions!

I’m planning to start a DW specific zine that focuses on the small bits of the world that GMs tend to gloss over. Things like food, customs, cultures, rocks, etc. My aim is to have each issue focus on a specific element and push it to it’s most interesting and GM useful extreme!

The first issue will focus on Stories! Tales, art, music, lies, and books.

Please post one of the following:

– An interesting story-telling method of Dungeon World

– A bizarre move / monster / setting / item related to storytelling

– A plain old interesting story template (not a full story, just the setting, tone, characters, etc. The party may or may not be able to take part in the stories themselves…)

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  1. Setting I’ve created for the zine:

    Holy Churlata, the final and comprehensive resting place of all stories. A crystalline mountain where monks try to understand truth by understanding all lies.

  2. Move:

    When you hear the haunting melody of the Crystalline Bard roll + wis

    12+ choose 1

    10+ choose 2

    7-9 choose 3

    On a miss contract crystalline sorrow lose one Charisma permanently

    You are healed of all wounds

    You become are possessed by the bard

    You are strike deaf

    You are strike blind

    Those who seek out the Crystalline bard for healing more often end up as its victims but it offers the cruelest of all lies, hope.

  3. Here’s an item that I created for one of my games:

    The Helm of Gruthund the Wise, Dwarven King of Filib Crannack (by Thomas Schellenberg)

    Wearing this gilded stone helm gives you access to the memories of King Gruthund the Wise — if you are strong enough to master them. The memories are grouped into four distinct categories: his childhood and education; his reign of Filib Crannack; the Discovery of the Adversary and the War; and the Final Battle with the Adversary.

    When you open your mind to the flood of memories, using your willpower to steel yourself against the torrent, choose a memory category and roll +WIS. On a 7+, you spend a few days experiencing King Gruthud’s memories and gain a permanent benefit associated with the chosen category (see below). On a 9-, you lose your sense of self as you sift through King Gruthud’s memories, gaining the Confused debility and causing trouble for the people around you — describe what you do in your addled state and who you offend.

    Childhood and education: You experience Gruthund’s younger days, before he was King, playing with the other children and attending to his studies. Describe Gruthund’s most important memories from his childhood. Additionally, Gruthund’s knowledge unites with your own: whenever you Spout Lore about something that would be familiar to Gruthund (your call) while wearing the Helm, you always know something interesting about the subject, even if you roll a 6-.

    Reign of Filib Crannack: You remember Gruthund’s just and peaceful reign as King of the great dwarven city of Filib Crannack. Describe Filib Crannack and Gruthund’s most important memories from his reign before the War. Additionally, Gruthund’s diplomatic savvy and poise improve your own negotiating skills: whenever you Parley while wearing the Helm and roll a 7-9, treat it as a 10+ instead.

    Discovery of the Adversary and the War: You recall the discovery of the Adversary and the beginning of the War between the Adversary and Gruthund’s people. Describe the Adversary and Gruthund’s most important memories of its Discovery and the beginning of the War. Additionally, Gruthund’s study of the Adversary and his vigilant command of the defense of Filib Crannack give you increased awareness and understanding: whenever you Discern Realities while wearing the Helm, you always ask 1 question, even if you roll a 6-.

    Final Battle with the Adversary: You relive the last days of the War and the Final Battle between Gruthund’s people and the Adversary. Describe the battlefield, the order of battle, and the stakes. Who achieved victory? What happened to Filib Crannack and its people? What was Gruthund’s fate? Additionally, Gruthund’s combat and tactical prowess enhance your own fighting abilities: whenever you Hack & Slash or Volley while wearing the Helm, do +1 damage.

  4. How have I not seen this until now? Yay! Greg Soper! I’m so excited to find out that you’re working on a zine! What a great idea for content!

    Maybe, for this issue, you could include a list of questions (that could be added to typical starter questions) that specifically call on the players to tell a story.

    – You have heard there is a magic ring in the area. What story did you hear about it?

    – What tall-tale did you hear about one of your new companions that makes you both doubtful and fearful now?

    – What was the story, you were told as a child, that makes entering this town particularly frightening?

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