Inspired by Tomb of annihilation adventure.

Inspired by Tomb of annihilation adventure.

Inspired by Tomb of annihilation adventure.

Get involved in a dino race

When you mount a dinosaur and become a racer in a dino race, roll+CHA.

On a 10+, choose 3.

On a 7-9, choose 1.

* You are not wounded, don’t receive d8 damage

* You dino isn’t out of commission for a while

* You win the race

* You become the new flavor of the week

* Someone influent sees potential in you

Bet on a dino race

When you take wager in a dino race, say how much and roll+INT.

On a 10+, you chose the right racer, you win double your wager.

On a 7-9, choose 1:

* You win back your wager

* You don’t piss off someone influent.

* Next time will be the good one, gain +1 Forward on Bet on a dino race.

5 thoughts on “Inspired by Tomb of annihilation adventure.”

  1. Have to question why tiding the Dino would be CHA. DEX, WIS, or INT would be far better suited.

    Also betting can’t be rolled for, because rolling requires your character to mess up, you don’t get exp for watching your friend fail a jump.

  2. Cha for animal handling

    Failing probably put you in some forms of trouble so to me it’s legit. In all cases, it’s to represent something of importance in the culture of the city.

  3. Why would you want to reduce something as awesome as a DINOSAUR RACE to a single move???

    Put us on the dinosaur, yeah? A whole crew or 2-4 PCs! (It’s a dinosaur, we’ll fit!). Write up a couple of the competitors as monsters, with instincts and HP and damage and moves and all that. They’ve each got a crew of 2-3 as well. Stat the crew up as a monster, giving each member a GM move.

    Give our dino an instinct, HP, and armor, too!

    Maybe write up some fun GM moves for things that can happen (your mount stumbles and you all lurch about… your riding platform creaks and starts to snap… another dino collapses in front of you and you’re heading right at it… you’re taking the turn too fast!).

    Play it out! Make moves! Ask us “what do you do?”

  4. Yeah you’re right but there’s so much even more interesting things to do in ToA that I don’t necessarily want want to take too much time on this. For sure, if the players shows more interest in it I’d consider it!

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