12 thoughts on “I’m looking for a bunch of trap ideas for DW.”

  1. Mirroring what Aaron Griffin asked. How do you run DW? If you are on the improv heavy, no prep, shared narrative side, traps are there to make the thief look awesome. You just describe the typical trigger (wire across the corridor, pressure plate, rune etc), the effect (blades, darts, acid, spells etc) and let the player describe how she disarms it.

    If you prefer a more nitty gritty approach where player skill factors in traps are there to challenge the players and “tricks of the trade” is kind of a skill check/saving throw to see how well they perform – unless their description is so convincing that tricks of the trade is not even triggered.

    Yochai Gal I read the first dozen and they are all horrible. They either seem to be from adversarial GMs that want to punish their players (“ha, gotcha!”) or they only have the one solution to overcome them.

  2. So traps are a hard one i find. As Horst Wurst​ stated, letting the thief or other characters describe their actions help to expose the trap for both the players and the GM. Its much easier on the GM i think.

    If you want something more concrete, then you have to know the Who/what/where/why/how. This can be difficult in a very ‘on the spot’ play style. I Always fall back to environmental traps and accidents. It takes care of the who and why, which i think are the hardest to fill.

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