7 thoughts on “If I have a hoard of Druagr, that means like 7 or more.”

  1. Not sure I follow.

    Mechanically, you’ve got a bunch of bad guys with 7hp each. Probably some armor, too, yeah? Dangerous encounter for sure. Plus, a bit of a bookkeeping headache for you, as you’re pretty likely to have multiple foes at different levels of HP.

    Minis/tokens help keep track of who’s where and which ones are wounded.

    The rules say that if you describe an action that’d realistically harm multiple foes, roll H&S once and and roll damage once. I’ve taken to rolling damage separately per target, because otherwise you get “their all down” or “none of them are down” and that feels too binary to me.

    Fictionally… not sure what you’re asking. How to run a fight with 7+ baddies? How to reflect that they have 7hp? Maybe clarify?

  2. Jeremy Strandberg thanks for the response. I try to stay away from combats that have so many baddies that the players don’t have a clear understanding of how many. DW is abstract enough as it is in other ways, but it always leads to combats where players say ‘wait, am I attacking the same guy as before?’ or ‘I’ll just attack which ever guy looks like he is hurt the worst.’

    My instinct would be to pool their HP until there are only like 3 or so left and than it is just a fight as usual, but that means the baddies pool is like 49 HP and armor. So, not sure how to deal or if I should even keep track at all.

    Fictionally, I always seem to do a bad job narrating a large group because the PCs will typically want to know what’s going on with the baddie they are tassling with, but nothing else unless it has actual ramifications. In theater of the mind, I find mass groups are a nightmare, so I’d love any narrative/fictional tips outside of me just giving flavor statements of anyone has ideas.

    Now that I think of it, I think a helpful idea would be to focus on the ancillary goals in the combat. Seldom in movies or fiction are the main characters just fighting 30 bad guys just to kill them and go back to reading a book. If I have the players fighting through a horde in hopes of getting someone or completing a different task, than the horde is not an ends to a means. Rather, its the obsticle to the real goal. Thoughts?

  3. i had players fight goblins. There is a hole in the ground and every round there are goblins coming from it. I did not really thought about how many goblins are there. It’s a horde and as long as i feel like there will be Goblins.

    After a few rounds one of the players starts to ask. “The wall behind the hole, does it look a little bit unstable?”

    And so they find a nice way of ending this Problem.

    are you looking for something like this?

    codex.dungeon-world.com – Draugr

  4. Jan Berger​ that’s a really good mix of mechanics and fiction. Are you keeping track of the goblins HP? And how many goblins are you managing stats for vs narratively tracking with no stats?

  5. i must admit that it is more easy with Goblins than with Draugr.

    Goblin have 3HP 1 Armor and most of them are dead after a hit from a Player. Usually the Players have an interest to kill the wounded. So i rarely have to monitor more than one or two wounded Goblins.

    If i had the feeling this is not working i would let the wounded

    1) flee in panic (not a perfect solution for the Draugr)

    2) attack desperately, so they are likely to die next.

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