Compendium Class – welcoming feedback/ideas

Compendium Class – welcoming feedback/ideas

Compendium Class – welcoming feedback/ideas

In campaign I’m running (based in a non-canonical Forgotten Realms) my players just participated in a ritual that resulted in the death of Mystra, the good goddess of magic. One of the players was responsible for dealing the final blow, and I wanted to allow for some lasting effects from such a significant choice. I worked up the following compendium class with that in mind. Would love thoughts/feedback/ideas for additional moves if anyone cares to share!


When you kill Mystra, the goddess of magic, you are forever marked with a cursed rune. Anyone who sees this rune will instantly recognize it as the result of some terrible, evil deed you perpetrated. Someone with knowledge of the gods will recognize it for what it is. When you display your cursed rune, you can use your past misdeed as leverage in a parley. Additionally, when you killed Mystra, your mind glimpsed the makeup of all magic and a few runewords were burned into your memory. You may take the following moves when you level up:

Arcane Runes

When you have a safe place and spare time (a day or so) you can inscribe runes onto items or equipment, giving them additional abilities. Treat this as the GADGET BELT move from the Artificer playbook.

Rune of Empowerment

When you inscribe a rune onto a magical item to increase its power, roll +INT:

On a 10+, the item’s power is momentarily increased. Choose 1:

The increase in power is very dangerous.

The item will be destroyed after use (cannot be taken for consumable items).

It draws on your life force, take 1d6 damage ignoring armor.

On a 7-9, choose 1 and the GM will choose 1.

Rune of Protection

You empower your cursed rune with protection. As long as your cursed rune is visible and unhidden, you gain 2 armor against magical damage.

Runes of God-Slaying (Requires level 6+)

When you use your blood to carve the runes of god-slaying onto a melee weapon, lose 2 constitution permanently. This weapon can now harm immortal beings. Empowering a weapon in this way is almost certain to draw the ire of such beings.

4 thoughts on “Compendium Class – welcoming feedback/ideas”

  1. I like what youve outlined here. Imagery is enticing too.


    Arcane Runes

    Artificer isn’t a core book. Id wright out a version for the CC to have onhand. Helps avoid page flipping.

    I also don’t know Gadget Belt. Is there a potential for “Overpowered” items?

    Rune of Empowerment

    I got the feeling like i didn’t succeed on my 10+ when reading it. After reading it again, i understand its a highly dangerous move, but that first impression was like ‘Ehhh’

    Rune of Empowerment

    Cool. Simple and both fictionally and functionally satisfying. Flavor text would make it a ’10’.

    Runes of God-Slaying


  2. I haven’t designed classes (compendium or otherwise) but the empowerment rune lacks smth important it seems to me: how many times can you inscribe the same item? Can you get a +2 or 3 weapon by inscribing it twice or thrice? I agree with +Robert Doe, that one needs smth more to me, at least an example of the way it would be dangerous – to the wielder or just the enemy?

  3. Maybe rewriting the empower move as follows.

    When you attempt to empower your magical item using the unstable powers within the cursed rune describe how your item improves and choose a draw back, then roll+INT

    >The increase in power is very dangerous. It brings unwanted affects. The GM will tell you how.

    >The power causes the item to destroy itself after use.

    >It saps the life from you. Take 1d6 damage ignoring armor.

    10+ Success, it works

    7-9 It has some added draw back. The GM chooses another.

    This way it gives the feeling of success

  4. Robert Doe that is an excellent rewrite, thank you! You’re right that the original made for a move that felt more punishing than rewarding. Your rewrite feels much better.

    I think I’ll also add describe how your item temporarily improves to attempt to clarify Emir Pasanovic’s concerns. In my mind, this move is meant to increase cool, thematic powers, not simply increase thematic bonuses.

    Thank you both for the help!

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