Vilstrak (Marl Muggers)

Vilstrak (Marl Muggers)

Vilstrak (Marl Muggers)

Humanoid insect, subterranean,

4hp 4ap

Clubbing fists, b(2d4)+1

*meld into stone

*steal interlopers

Instincts: protect the queen. Travel in threes.

Alien insectile and stony, unknowable and silent, Vilstrak have little drive save to dig, expand the hive, and devour gems and minerals.

Attacking with mantis like rock hard arms, Vilstrak often use guerilla hit-and-phase out tactics making use of their warrens of tunnels and sealed chambers. Adapted to darkness they use Ultravision and sonar to navigate.

Inside their stomachs can usually be found craw-polished gem stones and the odd nugget of unusual indigestible metals.

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