7 thoughts on “Has anybody heard of any attempts to convert the PF Kingmaker adventure path for use with Dungeon World?”

  1. I think we are on our 12th, 14th episode of Pathfinder adventures. Our first, which was a con-game adventure path, ended up taking about 5 episodes (each 3 hours long) because the roleplaying was taking up more time than an usual con game.

    I know that Mike, the GM, mentioned that he just dropped the 3rd act because events quickly revealed stuff that lead to the 4th act while in the 2nd act. He also switched up some bad guys making them human bandits in the woods instead of some demi-critters.

    I do notice, compared to my home brew fantasy game, Mike often gets trapped by going “I know that is written down somewhere” and he starts checking pdfs trying to confirm that bit of flavor, fluff or information. I’m much more quicker to go with the mood of the table, say yes or modify someone’s idea and keep the game moving on. Because I don’t care about what has been written down.

    So there are good and bad things about trying to work with published works. As a GM, I don’t care for it much, I tend to use 10% and make up the other 90% as needed. When I ran Parsantium (think fantasy Constantinople) I modified the entire gov’t, replaced gangs, swiped names for different uses. What I did use was some of hte NPCs and the flavor of the neighborhoods.

    However, having said that, there is a real strength in having things like really solid geo-politics, national identities, cultures layed down. The differences in gods in the Pathfinder game has popped up quite a bit. The differences in cultures has popped up too. Solid maps always are a great boon to the game. Having tons of information at the fingertips of Mike and JP (one of our players who has played in a lot of pathfinder games) are great for “hey, just how do X feel about Y?”

    Example: In my game, the culture of elves was very much determined by the one elf player…who played his caste of elves like a horse culture aka Mongols. In Pathfinder, elves are quite different than Tolkien elves being actual aliens. It just is. Despite there being a player (a different one) who is elven. That came from “a high” so to speak.

  2. I played the first few segments of Kingmaker many years ago, long before finding Dungeon World.

    It could be very interesting to develop a set of moves for the development and management of steadings, and the resources and challenges that come with them.

    Perhaps using Love Letters or something similar for the effects of time on a town.

    Outside of the town management mechanics, i think the rest of it was pretty basic hex-crawling, right?

  3. Victoria Harlette absolutely! I learned a lot from that experience, and miss it greatly, some times.

    We bit off a bit more than Kingmaker there, though, but trying to share GMing, which led to its own challenges (which were also great, and fun, and learning experiences).

    Hope you’re well, and still finding lots of fun adventure!

  4. In the Two Simple Psychs podcast interview with Jason Lutes, it turns out that it was his dissatisfaction playing Pathfinder Kingmaker which put him on to Dungeon World.


    I found this blog post by him from 2013 where he discusses converting his Pathfinder game over to Dungeon World, including his custom realm-building moves (although he disclaims that the rules are “far more involved than anything in DW, and is still too dry, but it’s a start”)

    lampblackandbrimstone.blogspot.com.au – Pathfinding in a Dungeon World

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