4 thoughts on “Has any made a table of requirement ideas for the Wizards Ritual?”

  1. A table would help in a pinch, but I don’t think it’s strictly necessary when you creatively use the list of possible conditions from the move. In my experience what is “required” for a ritual really comes from and directs the fiction: You’ll need help from that guy you pissed off in town and/or First you must travel to XYZ mountain and obtain a Roc feather (or whatever). Both have an impact on the fiction, but neither were predetermined by a chart.

    Having said that, there are times and circumstances when you’d want it to be more formulaic. My son used Ritual a LOT in a game that basically evolved into “gotta’ catch ’em all” in which he would use Ritual to convert recently slain monsters into playing cards for “The Grand Tournament”, so I devised a fairly easy formula for him to follow. If I can find it in my notes I’ll post it.

  2. Here’s some off the top of my head:

    It’s going to take days/weeks/months:

    – It’ll only work on the night of a certain astrological phenomenon

    – You must concentrate on the ritual without sleep for days

    First you must ____:

    – Acquire something belonging to the target (sympathetic magic)

    – Go somewhere dangerous to obtain an ingredient

    – Make a sacrifice

    – Lure the target to a certain place

    You’ll need help from ____

    – Someone you hate

    – Someone who hates you

    – Someone who’s difficult to find

    – Someone who’s dead

    It will require a lot of money:

    – Luckily you’ve heard rumours of a new dungeon

    – Luckily someone unscrupulous will pay a lot for some dangerous arcana you don’t need

    The best you can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited:

    – It’s irrevocable or you can’t go back

    – It can only do one of the things you want; which is more important?

    – You only get one shot

    You and your allies will risk danger from _____:

    – Extraplanar denizens attracted by the strong magic

    – The magic itself going haywire after the ritual is complete

    – Something that inhabits this place of power

    You’ll have to disenchant ____ to do it:

    – The Royalty’s crown jewels

    – A holy relic of the Church

    – A magical seal or ward holding something else back

  3. Thanks for these ideas! It helps make me thinking more widely about the options. I particularly like adding an astrological conjunction to the days/weeks option. It’s not where my mind went when I read the move.

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