8 thoughts on “Halloween challenge”

  1. Roll +con. On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1:

    -You live through one memory of the Gm’s choice

    -This action acts as eating 1 ration

    -You Gain 1 hold that you can spend to use one move available to the fallen vicitim

    -You don’t gain 1 debility of your choice and 1 debility of the Gm’s choice

  2. …Increase your Intelligence by one point (no max.) and mark a debility other than “stunned”. Debilities marked with this move do not recover with rest. If you cannot mark a debility, take your last breath.

  3. roll + WIS. On a hit, you gain a skill, language, or familiarity with a location and people well-known to the enemy (Player’s choice, based on established fiction). On a 10+, you do not gain either a debilitating phobia or a compulsion that drove the enemy (GM’s choice, based on enemy’s Instinct and/or Moves).

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