What did you learn at Gauntlet con?

What did you learn at Gauntlet con?

Originally shared by Andrew Huffaker

What did you learn at Gauntlet con?

I learned:

1) I need to work on speaking with an active voice in games. Not voice acting per se, rather, speaking in first person. Not ‘I think Jeff would say this:’

2) I need to follow the start up rules for first session as written in the DW rule book. I played in a pick up game and the GM showed me how great session one/zero can be. I was holding on to old traditions.

3) The internet can be a healthy and supportive place. There is so much negativity to get trapped into, so it’s a refreshing to see hundreds of fellow gamers loving one another. NOT pwning n00bz L8 blah blah blarf.

4) ‘story games’ are amazing when you can play them with dedicated and mature players.

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  1. 1 I learned a “trick” (it´s more of a social skill really) from Michael G. Barford in the Rad Hack game we played together with you. As a fellow player address a player´s character who has been quiet for a while in order to give them a moment in the spot light.

    2 Discuss the tone beforehand and stick to it. Be gonzo if the game is about that but tone it down a bit for a serious game. If the GM doesn´t mentioned it ask them and your fellow players.

  2. Yeah that Rad Hack game was pretty cough rad. Ray Otus used a cool technique there: We started in media res with an action scene and then we flashed back to an earlier social scene. By the time we were finished with our social scene we knew why we were in that fight and flashed forward to the aftermath.

  3. Glad you had a good experience, Andrew! The Gauntlet is really awesome. I don’t know why more people don’t check it out. People in the Tavern, especially, tend to sleep on it, which is completely weird to me, given how important Dungeon World is in the Gauntlet.

  4. Gerard Snow Not a silly question at all. We are an online gaming community focused on indie games, story games, and the OSR. We produce six podcasts on various topics, a monthly zine, and run roughly 60 games per month via our Gauntlet Hangouts platform. And now we have an annual gaming convention, the first of which was last weekend and saw nearly 100 different games and 10 panels. Here is our website:

    gauntlet-rpg.com – The gauntlet

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