Hi all.

Hi all.

Hi all. I started recruiting yesterday for an online play-by-post Dungeon World campaign. It’s going to be hosted on Paizo.com, which is the website for Paizo, the parent company of Pathfinder; but they don’t mind letting Dungeon World players use their forums too. I like their forum system because it has a nice die roller and fantasy avatars in their database, and it’s all free to make an account for and use. Players will be posting an update once or twice a day and the campaign goes on like that.

Anyway, the party will be comprised of races from the Number Appearing Dungeon World supplement, which I provide a link for in my recruitment post. This means the party will be made up of monstrous races such as orcs, minotaurs, and kobolds. The campaign is a revenge story against a high-level adventuring party that destroyed your tribe and took your loot.

I have a few people that have expressed interest but not a full party yet. If you’re interested, check out my recruitment post!




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