15 thoughts on “Compiling research data on RPG’s. Vote on why you play Dungeon World:”

  1. Thanks, Andrew Huffaker—I didn’t see that second option. 😉

    The systems I’m digging right now are a bunch! Dungeon World is what fuels my bi-weekly Planets Collide game, but at 21 sessions and counting, that campaign will be wrapping up sooner than later. My mind has already turned to “what’s next”.

    Dungeon World is a big contender for the next thing, and this campaign has brought me into a finer appreciation of the system’s elegance than ever before. But it’s not the only contender.

    It’s no secret that I love Tunnels & Trolls, and I’ve been working on and playtesting my own T&T love letter game for a while.

    But I’m also interested in doing some kind of D&D again, and Swords & Wizardry is at the top of that list, with LotFP’s Weird Fantasy a close runner up. And if we need to take a 1–3 session interlude between Planets Collide and whatever the next bigger campaign is, I would love to run kirin robinson’s Old School Hack again for the sheer “whoopeeeeee!” of it.

    I’ve also been looking over my 4th edition Essentials books (at the risk of my OSR membership card), and playing around with the idea of hacking it to use 5th editions “bounded accuracy”—or run S&W, with the PCs getting access to 4e class powers through the fiction.

    And those are just the systems on the surface of my mind right now. If you do an MRI, I’m afraid you’d find a dozen or more other RPGs boiling beneath the surface at any given time.

    Probability-wise, DW will very likely fuel my next dungeon run, maybe 80%.

  2. The Indie Hack. Lightweight, but it has deceptively rich game play mechanics. It’s like a mix of dungeon world and fate. It let’s active players and inactive players have narrative say. It also has aspects like fate but they are less muddy. IMO.

  3. Oh, cool. Yes, Yochai Gal has been telling me about some of its cool bits recently. I should have made the connection.

    I thought you were talking about The Invisible Hand, of which I have been a faithful yet insignificant minion.

  4. Andrew Huffaker, my girlfriend in middle school was Quantum Mechanics. The Invisible Hand is like her—almost no one is equipped to get their head around the abstract complexity of it.

    Unlike her, The Invisible Hand will crush you without mercy. Whereas Quantum Mechanics will merely elude you without interest in the weak delusions you hold for “reality”. 🙂

  5. Deep Six Delver so…. Speaking of that…I have wanted to do an episode of my podcast wherein I juxtapose quantum mechanic’s ‘collapsed wave functions’ to resolution mechanics in RPG’s. I haven’t found the right person to have that conversation with. I’ve also wanted to have you on for a while now.

    Might you come on and discuss quantum mechanics with me?

  6. Sure. I’m not really a physicist. though—just a dilettante! That said, I have an idea about that, based on something Ron Edward told me once. I had no idea what he was talking about until it clicked while running Dungeon World years later.

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